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The grill for chickens in a suitcase, with motor on 3.7V Li-Ion batteries
The grill set is made of stainless still 304. It is very practical and simple for use. The pipe of the grill is consisted of 3 separated parts (3×500) thus the whole grill can fit inside aluminium suitcase (55x15x10cm).
This grill can be used for grilling: chickens, turkeys, smaller kids, fish and different pieces of meet (shoulders, legs, rolled bacon, etc.) The set has got two legs which hold the grill pipe. The height of the legs can be adjusted. At the bottom of the legs there is a movable joint which can help place the grill at any type of ground. Pipe connection with a thread M10x1.5mm. Threads were done on CNC-late which means that the quality and tolerance are at the high level. The specially designed grill pipe provides you safety and reliability when using it. It is easy to fold up and clean it. Liquid can not penetrate inside the pipe.
The set also has 4 forks which can help you firmly hold what you grill.
In case you are unable to untwist the pipe after use, you tighten two forks on the pipe, each one on opposite side of the pipe. In this way you will have better support and you can easily untwist the pipe.
It is important that direction of the pipe turning is clockwise for to avoid unscrewing parts of the pipe while it is turning around.
The set is consisted of:
  •          Three-part pipe: 1 pcs
  •          Legs: 2 pcs
  •          Motor on batteries: 1 pcs
  •          Fork 4kom
  •          The pipe holder with sliding bearing: 1 pcs
  •          Motor holder: 1 pcs
  •          Battery charger 1 pcs
  •          Li-Ion Battery 3,7V  1pcs
  •          Aluminium case: 1 pcs
 The pipe and legs:
  •          The pipe dimensions: 16×1.5x1500mm
  •          The three-part pipe: 3x500mm
  •          The parts of the pipe connected with thread M10x1.5
  •          Liquid can not penetrate inside the pipe
  •          Legs can be adjusted accordingly, and folded up
  •          Motor works with 1×3,7V batteries 18650
  •          Motor dimensions: ø30x240mm
  •          Speed 5 rpm
  •          Alucase very light and practical
  •          Dimension: 450x150x80mm
  •          Total weight of the set with the suitcase 4kg


  •         Li-Ion batteries are charged about 500 times
  •         Battery capacity 3200mAh
  •         Voltage 3.7V

Battery charger:

  •       2 batteries can be charged at the same time
  •       Input:     100-240V  – 50-60Hz
  •       Output:   4,2V -1A

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg